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Holistic therapy for your skin

Holistic therapy for your skin

Acne and rosacea can prove a real burden for many people. In particular, acne scars are often an unpleasant leftover on the skin. To complement your medical acne therapy, you can also treat your skin to a professional cosmetic treatment.

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Our combination of medical and cosmetic treatment is the key to pure skin that lasts. There are various options available for treating acne and rosacea:


Fruit acid peel

Fruit acid peeling treatments are recommended for both minor and major impurities. The natural fruit acids remove the top layer of skin – the epidermis – and in doing so promote the growth of healthy skin cells. We only use natural fruit acids at Skin & Aesthetic. The concentration and contact time are based on the degree of impurities in your skin.


In microdermabrasion, cornifications are removed and blocked pores opened. This removes the breeding ground for impurities and ensures clear skin in the long term.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy promotes the skin’s natural healing processes, stimulating lasting repair in the areas affected. Lasers are primarily used to treat rosacea and couperose at Skin & Aesthetic.

Passionate about your skin

Passionate about your skin

Our experienced cosmetologists will take care of your skin in an understanding and professional way. Arrange an appointment with us today and treat your skin to the wellness it deserves.