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Turn back the clock

Turn back the clock

As we grow older, the skin’s aging process also becomes increasingly visible. This is due to changes in the connective tissue. The skin loses moisture and firmness, and the pores increase in size. At Skin & Aesthetic in Frankfurt, we can stop the ticking of time and help you maintain a fresh and youthful complexion with a range of modern, gentle methods. There are whole host of anti-aging treatments to choose from at Skin & Aesthetic.

Flawless treatment, flawless skin

Various processes can be combined to achieve the best possible results. The aesthetics experts at Skin & Aesthetic are happy to advise you and are committed to finding the most suitable and effective methods for you.


Hyaluronan is a substance produced by the human body to give the connective tissue its tension. Hyaluron filler is used to smooth nasolabial folds (“laugh lines”), forehead wrinkles or other types of lines. This treatment is well suited to revitalising the neck and face as well as removing scars.


Treatment with botulinum toxin prevents the formation of wrinkles on the face, including around the eyes, crow’s feet, forehead, neck or nose as well as frown lines.


Mesotherapy involves injecting vitamins and nutrients into the middle layer of skin. In addition to its generally revitalising effects, these microinjections can also help erase the traces of time by providing specific substances. Mesotherapy is a gentle method that achieves visible yet natural results.

PRP autohemotherapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from the patient’s own blood and is used to rejuvenate skin, treat alopecia, remove wrinkles and tighten the skin. The blood platelets contain growth factors which promote the production of cell-maintaining substances like collagen and hyluronic acid. The result is a vital, consistent complexion.


Regular professional skin care is essential in order to prevent impurities and signs of aging. Thanks to our wide range of fruit acid peelings, microdermabrasion and hydrofacials, the only thing left to do is decide which one to choose.

Anti-aging treatment in Frankfurt

Anti-aging treatment in Frankfurt

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