Skin diagnosis

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Cosmetic treatments to suit your needs

Cosmetic treatments to suit your needs

The skin is like a book, telling a story of your health condition, specific disorders or even living situations, such as stress. At our cosmetics practice, we put your skin under the microscope as part of a comprehensive skin analysis. The subsequent skin diagnosis then forms the basis for the rest of your cosmetic treatment at Skin & Aesthetic.

Skin diagnosis with Fotofinder

Skin diagnosis with Fotofinder

Whether body sculpting, laser or vein treatments, we document every treatment step with the innovative FotoFinder system at Skin & Aesthetic. We then use this documentation to create treatment plans tailored to suit your body and needs. This system also enables you to track the success of your treatment in real time.

Skin analysis – What we examine

Skin condition

We use state-of-the-art technology to carry out a sophisticated analysis of your skin. The skin’s condition determines the further course of treatment and which tools are most suited to your body.

Skin type

The skin type is determined based on your skin colour, hair, iris and your sensitivity to sun. Determining your skin type reveals how irritable your skin is and helps provide the right advice when it comes to sun protection or certain medical treatments.

Skin appearance

The skin’s appearance is the precise cartography of your skin. Here, conclusions can be drawn about environmental influences, skin care, diseases or even medication. Specifically, this process examines the size of your pores, whether your skin tends to be flaky and how greasy it is.

Personal consultation

Personal consultation

Our cosmetics team is pleased to advise you personally on skin care and cosmetic treatments. Together, we can draw up a course of treatment perfectly tailored to your needs. Arrange an appointment with us today.