Transdermal application

Youthfully fresh – no matter your age

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Deep and gentle nourishment

Deep and gentle nourishment

A young, attractive complexion is possible at any age thanks to the progressive technique of transdermal application (TDA). TDA is a non-invasive therapy which supplies deeper layers of skin with active substances. This then forms deposits deep within the skin, ensuring a beautiful complexion that lasts.

Deep treatment for every skin typefür jeden Hauttyp

Deep treatment for every skin typefür jeden Hauttyp

Treat your skin to a shot of freshness which penetrates deep. Transdermal application (TDA) works with a special LP3 complex, which serves as a carrier for the treatment’s active substances. There are a range of substance combinations available depending on your needs and desired results. Read on for an overview of the TDA treatments available at Skin & Aesthetic in Frankfurt.

Rescue TDA (men)

  • Soothes irritations Prevents rashes
  • Refines the skint
  • Moisturises the skin
  • Provides the skin with vital vitamins and minerals

Proderm TDA

  • Has a clarifying and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Promotes skin regeneration
  • Calms irritations
  • Improves the skin’s appearance
  • Antimicrobial, antiviral and astringent

  • Please note: Skin rash can occur in the first 48 hours after the treatment, followed by an improved skin appearance.

    Canaboost TDA (anti aging)

    • Intensive care and deep nourishment
    • Promotes sustained regenerationn
    • Supplies the skin with vitality, energy and radiance
    • Stimulates cells
    • Nourishes and smooths the skin

    Fight TDA (anti aging)

    • Provides intensive moisture
    • Tightens and firms the skin
    • Nourishes and feeds the skin
    • Enhances collagen and elastin synthesis

    Peeling+ TDA

    • Abgestorbene Hornzellen werden entfernt
    • Macht die Haut aufnahmefähiger für die nachfolgende Behandlung
    • Regt die Durchblutung der Haut an
    • Fördert die Zellerneuerung

    Mitocell TDA

    • Promotes collagen and elastin synthesis
    • Builds up the extracellular matrix
    • Regenerates the skin
    • Tightens the skin
    • Protects against environmental influences

    Fabulous (intimate care)

    • Tightens the skin in the pubic area
    • Promotes healthy vaginal flora
    • Smooths the skin and establishes a supple surface

    Shine & glow (for healthy hair growth)

    • Strengthens the hair roots and supports healthy growth
    • Prevents hair loss
    • Positively impacts dandruff
    • Provides shine and smoothness

    Hyal N10 TDA

    • Stimulates the skin’s own collagen production
    • Promotes cell renewal
    • Increases the skin’s moisture content
    • Supports the restoration of the skin’s inherent tension


    How TDA works

    The TDA method from SEYO works without direct skin contact and is controlled by a computer. The LP3 complex is enriched with active substances within the applicator and combined with pure oxygen to form micro units. These are then applied to the skin during the treatment using ultrasound. This allows the substances to penetrate the upper skin and then reach the lower layers. The treatment is completely painless. You will only feel a pleasant massaging sensation.

    Beautiful skin you can feel

    Beautiful skin you can feel

    After just one TDA treatment, you will immediately recognise the improved appearance of your skin. Depending on your particular need, the application is then repeated for a beautiful complexion that lasts. The benefits for you:

    • Firmer skin in the long term
    • Reduced depth of wrinkles
    • Promotes cell regeneration
    • Builds up the store of moisture and active substances
    • Builds up the collagen fibres
    Wellness BeWellness treatment for “him”handlung für "Ihn"

    Wellness BeWellness treatment for “him”handlung für "Ihn"

    Whether you’re after a business treatment during the lunch break with cleansing and exfoliation or an extensive anti-aging treatment: the TDA is also a great option for stressed male skin. We’re always happy to advise you.