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Restore your confidence

Restore your confidence

Stretch marks left on the skin after pregnancy, weight gain or from training are perceived as an aesthetic imperfection by many. At Skin & Aesthetic in Frankfurt, we can remove stretch marks the gentle way using laser therapy.

Why do stretch marks occur?

Why do stretch marks occur?

These marks are created when the connective tissue in various parts of the body like the belly, breasts, upper arms, back, thighs or hips is overextended. The process is aided by weakness in the connective tissue. Although women are more often afflicted by stretch marks, they can also appear in men.

Remedy stretch marks with the Fraxel laser

At Skin & Aesthetic, we use modern photo-fractional laser technology to gently remove stretch marks from the body. Our approach applies a combination of IPL and ResurFX (fractionated lasers).

How does the treatment work?

The ResurFX fractionated laser produces micro-laser beams which warm the deeper layers of skin in the areas affected. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres. The formation of new tissue cells is also encouraged. This reduces the appearance of stretch marks, while the intensive light pulses from the IPL laser provide a healthy and youthful skin appearance.

Are there any side effects?

The treatment of stretch marks with photo-fractional laser technology is particularly gentle and low in pain. It can occasionally cause slight redness and swelling, though this will disappear again very quickly. At Skin & Aesthetic, we use modern lasers that provide the utmost comfort thanks to their integrated cooling feature.

When are the first results visible?

This laser treatment stimulates collagen regeneration in the affected areas. You will see the first results of the treatment within four to six weeks of the initial treatment, as collagen regeneration requires plenty of time. Generally speaking, three to five sessions are required to achieve the optimal results.

Personal consultation

Personal consultation

We are happy to advise you on any questions regarding treating stretch marks of all kinds. Feel free to arrange an appointment with us today.