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Screening is the best treatment!

Screening is the best treatment!

When it comes to skin cancer: screening is undoubtedly the best treatment! If skin cancer is identified at an early stage, it can usually be treated successfully. At Skin & Aesthetic in Frankfurt, we use the latest techniques for your skin cancer screening.

Skin cancer screening with Fotofinder

Skin cancer screening with Fotofinder

For dermatoscopy, we rely on the extensive photo documentation options provided by Fotofinder. This allows us to monitor whether your moles change over time, highlighting even the slightest of changes . This enables us to recognise and fight skin cancer at an early stage. And as a patient, you can follow the painless examination live on screen.

How can I recognise skin cancer?

How can I recognise skin cancer?

Skin cancer is a malignant proliferation of skin cells. The UV light of the sun and your genetic disposition are the main causes of skin cancer. The UV light damages the cells to such an extent that they mutate and begin to proliferate. What makes skin cancer so problematic is that it does not initially cause any pain.

We recommend an urgent examination if you discover a mole with any of the following characteristics:

  • Asymmetry
  • Blurred or jagged edges
  • Inconsistent colour, dark to blacky brown, reddish, grey-white lighter areas
  • Uneven surface or changes within a short space of time


Types of skin cancer

Malignant tumours on the skin are the most common form of cancer worldwide. Increasing damage from UV rays is usually the trigger for this disease. Malignant skin tumours are split into a number of categories.

Actinic keratosis (skin cancer precursor)

Actinic keratosis is a change to the surface of the skin characterised by a reddish, rough surface. This is caused by UV light and is a precursor to a squamous cell carcinoma. At Skin & Aesthetic, we treat actinic keratosis with photodynamic therapy, laser treatment or the local application of creams depending on the case.

Basalioma (basal-cell carcinoma)

Basaliomas are a type of white skin cancer and are primarily found on areas of the face exposed to sunlight. They slowly widen and deepen, destroying the surrounding tissue but do not form additional tumours (metastases). The problem is generally solved by surgically removing the tumour. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) can help as an additional course of treatment.

Spinaliomas (squamous cell carcinomas)

Spinaliomas are another type of white skin cancer and they are usually found in the top level of skin. Unhindered growth allows this type of cancer to destroy considerable amounts of surrounding tissue. Metastases can be prevented by removing this type of tumour at an early stage. Actinic keratoses – i.e. reddish, flaky and horny, dry areas of skin – are a known precursor to this. There are numerous therapeutic options available to prevent this type of issue transitioning into a malignant stage.

Malignant melanoma (black skin cancer)

The malignant melanoma is a particularly malignant form of skin cancer. It originates from pigment cells (melanocytes and nevus cells) and can appear as flat, nodular or extensive skin changes. In almost all cases, the surgical removal of the tumour is the first choice therapy. If identified at an early stage, the chances of making a recovery are good. Many melanomas are discovered by patients themselves as a melanoma is truly the “ugly duckling” among all the types of pigment spots!.

Personalised skin cancer screening

Personalised skin cancer screening

We are happy to take the time and advise you about your personal skin cancer screening. If we discover a skin tumour or a skin cancer precursor, we are ideally equipped to remove it on an outpatient basis. Arrange an appointment for your screening at Skin & Aesthetic in Frankfurt today.