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Nothing is more synonymous with youthfulness and vitality than a healthy, full head of hair. Yet we all lose around one hundred hairs on average every day. But if we lose too many, bald spots can quickly appear. In order to treat hair loss correctly, we first have to establish the underlying causes in each individual case.

The most common causes of hair loss

Hair loss places a psychological burden on most patients. At Skin & Aesthetic, we first identify the causes in each individual case in order to find the most effective treatment. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art hair analysis provided by FotoFinder.


Androgenetic hair loss

In many cases, hair loss is dictated by genes. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for the male hair line to start receding as early as puberty. A so-called “widow’s peak” can form. This phenomenon can also affect women.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata results in bald patches of varying intensity on the head or other parts of the body with unknown causes (autoimmunological factors, genetic disposition and psychological factors are all considered possible causes).

Diffuse alopecia

Diffuse alopecia is the term used to describe hair thinning out but not completely falling out. This is caused by environmental influences such as stress, hormonal changes, medications and even mental disorders.

Temporary hair loss

Hair can also temporarily fall out due to certain medications, chemotherapy being the most well-known example. This hair generally grows back several weeks after the treatment has been completed.

Diagnosing hair loss

Diagnosing hair loss

Dr. Fattahi carries out wide-ranging examinations in an effort to establish the exact causes for your hair loss. Your environment and medical history are just as important in this respect as your genes. We take the time to get to know you personally before carrying out hair root analysis, microbiome analysis of the skin and hair, as well as state-of-the-art hair and scalp light microscopy.

Trichoscan – Precise diagnosis

Hair loss is particularly unpleasant for young people. As hair roots also disappear over time, prompt treatment of the causes of hair loss is vital. Using a digital hair analysis system – Trichoscan – we can analyse all the important parameters for your specific hair growth. This will determine your hair density, the absolute number of hairs and the reasons for your hair loss. We will then put together a detailed course of treatment based on these findings.

Your hair loss specialist

We use state-of-the-art and long-lasting treatment methods to stimulate your hair growth.

Mesotherapy – Natural, gentle, effective!

Whether you’re suffering from alopecia areata, hair loss after chemotherapy or due to genetic causes: mesotherapy is a gentle method of stopping hair loss and sustainably promoting hair growth with few side effects. This technique involves injecting nutrients or vitamins into the scalp. This promotes the supply of nutrients and the hair follicles regenerate – ultimately slowing hair loss, improving the quality of the hair and promoting lasting hair growth. In addition to its generally revitalising effects, these microinjections can also help erase the traces of time by providing the hair specific substances. Mesotherapy is a gentle method that achieves visible yet natural results. It is much better value for money than surgical treatments, there are few side effects and it is almost entirely painless.