PlexR® Soft Surgery

The gentle way to firm your skin

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Maximum results, minimal intervention

Maximum results, minimal intervention

PlexR® is a non-invasive technique for tightening the eyelids and treating wrinkles. This method uses plasma energy, paving the way for a gentle and low-pain treatment.

Youthful skin without surgery

Do you desire youthfully firm skin and an irresistibly radiant appearance, but recoil at the thought of surgery? If so, PlexR® is the perfect option for you. At Skin & Aesthetic, we offer the following non-invasive treatments:

Blepharoplasty with PlexR®

Say goodbye to unsightly drooping or saggy eyelids. “Dynamic, non-ablative blepharoplasty” with PlexR® is the gentle and low-pain alternative to surgical eyelid lifting, entirely without injections or scarring. The treatment usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. Get ready for a fresh and irresistible look.

How PlexR® works

How PlexR® works

PlexR® plasma technology generates ionised particles such as nitrogen and oxygen ions from the ambient air. The energy generated is then gently and precisely transferred to the area of skin being treated. This “plasma storm” promotes the regeneration of collagen fibres, helping to maintain a fresh, youthful complexion in the long term.